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Life Insurance

from Ogden Insurance Agency, Inc.

Life Insurance

Although most people understand the need for life insurance, this product continues to be one of the most under-purchased policy types across the country. Stories of unscrupulous insurance salespeople have frightened many potential insureds from taking necessary steps to provide for their families’ future. You need an insurance agency you can trust.

Ogden Insurance is a second-generation, family-owned agency. Our family has lived and worked alongside our neighbors in Central Illinois for years, and we care about our neighbors, our customers and our community. Let one of our experienced agents help you understand the value of life insurance.

Life Insurance for Every Stage of Life

Among those in our community who have life insurance policies, we often find the problem of outdated policies. Recent college graduates with no children and no mortgage don’t need to carry large life policies. But as life changes, a $25,000 term life policy may no longer be enough to care for your family’s needs after you are gone.

Ogden Insurance works with customers to provide insurance for life. We recommend that our customers schedule a policy review at least every 18 months. Certain life changes also come with a need to review your coverage. These include

  • Anytime you adopt or have a child
  • Anytime you experience a change in marital status
  • If you inherit any money
  • When your children leave for college
  • If you take primary responsibility for the care of an aging relative
  • Anytime you purchase a new home
  • Anytime you take out or refinance a mortgage
  • If a child requires long-term care
  • Anytime you or your spouse has a significant change in overall health

Available Life Insurance Options

Ogden Insurance has several available life insurance options. The right one for you will depend on several variables including your age and the amount of debt you carry. Life insurance policies are either term life or whole life. Term life policies provide only a death benefit and expire after a set period of time. This period can be as short as a single year or as long as 20 or 30 years. Whole life policies never expire and build cash value over time against which you can borrow money. Generally, whole life premiums are higher than term life premiums.

Get started today with your free online quote. To learn more or set an appointment with one of our experienced insurance agents, call our office during business hours.