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Crop Insurance

from Ogden Insurance Agency, Inc.

Crop Insurance

As natives of the Land of Lincoln, we at Ogden Insurance value Illinois farmers. You do an important job, working to cultivate our earth and feed our families. Mother Nature often fights against you, but you carry on, doing the work you love. While we admire your dedication and hard work, we also understand that sometimes you need more to keep going. That’s why we specialize in insuring farmers. We work alongside our crop insurance companies to provide assistance to farmers in times of plenty and times of drought.

A Brief History of Federal Crop Insurance

During the Great Depression, many farmers considered themselves immune to fallout from economic downturns since they provided their own food. When the Dust Bowl struck, many of these farmers and their families fell on difficult times. As a part of his New Deal, President Franklin D. Roosevelt focused on subsidizing farming operations. In 1980, the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC) was expanded, and in 1994, a law was passed requiring farmers to participate in the program. Although participation in FCIC is no longer mandatory, this government program continues to provide protection and security to many farmers.

Crop Insurance Through Ogden Insurance

Ogden Insurance works hand-in-hand with our crop insurance partners to provide state of the art risk management options for farmers in central Illinois. We provide crop insurance options for

  • Corn
  • Soybeans
  • Wheat
  • Hybrid Seed Corn
  • Other agricultural enterprises

We work with owners to recover from catastrophic losses and also provide risk-management assistance.  Our insurance experts are well versed in laws that affect local growers, and we value the trust placed in us by many local farmers.

Contact us to learn more about crop insurance available from Ogden Insurance. If you have questions or would like to speak with an insurance professional, call our office during regular business hours. We’ll help you protect your farm so you can focus on feeding the nation.