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Athens Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

As a vehicle owner in Illinois, you have no doubt seen the array of advertisements for car insurance online and on television. The reason for the insurance spam is because as a driver in Athens, Illinois you must maintain at least the state minimum in auto insurance coverage. Meaning you would need to include basic liability coverage as well as uninsured motorist insurance. However, all companies are not created equal and choosing the right agent can be tricky.

Often it seems like some of the large insurance carriers focus more on the "business" of insurance rather than providing quality service to the insureds and making sure they are protected properly. Fortunately, there are many independent agents that are still focused on their customers. Ogden Insurance Agency, Inc. is a family-owned independent agency serving the Athens, Illinois community, providing insurance coverage through various top carriers, and working with multiple carriers allows us to focus on making sure our customers are not only covered properly but that they receive the best possible customer service.

Value in Car Insurance

Insurance rates are based on a myriad of risk factors like age, if you are married or single and even where you live. While these are factors you cannot control, things like driving history, type of vehicle you drive are factors that you can make work for you. Researching a vehicle before purchasing to find one that has low insurance rates or being a safe driver allow companies to offer you better rates than those drivers that insurance companies recognize as reckless or irresponsible such as a sports car or someone with an extensive history of speeding tickets. Being a responsible motorist means carrying adequate insurance coverage and not just purchasing the bare minimum. Surprisingly some extended coverage options are more affordable for certain customers than the minimum limit options.

Athens, Illinois Auto Policy Options

At Ogden Insurance Agency, Inc., we provide a full range of auto policy solutions, from cost-reducing options that only cover the legal minimums to full coverage products with rental reimbursement and roadside assistance. Some of our most popular policy options are:

  • Collision insurance covers the damages to your vehicle after an auto accident
  • Comprehensive insurance covers damages for non-crash-related losses after a covered incident
  • Medical payments coverage pays for medical treatment due accident-related injuries
  • Towing and roadside assistance provides services if a breakdown or debilitating car accident were to occur

To find out what your car insurance options, fill out the simple online request form today. To speak with one of our insurance experts, call our Athens office during business hours. We look forward to helping you find value in car insurance.